Apps | Duet Display

Duet Display is an app that helps you  sync your devices to enable dual screens. For professionals using software this is a huge advantage to leave your tool palettes on one screen while editing your content on the other. Duet Display is available in the iTunes store here for $15.99, it is the #1 paid for app in both the US and 11 other countries. 

Apps | Speaky

We are all guilty of bookmarking things to read later and never getting back to it. It happens to the best of us. Speaky is the app that reads articles back to you. While I enjoy reading very much, sometimes audio is just better (like while doing cardio, or on a shaky train ride). You can purchase it for 3.99 in the iTunes store here

Apps | Binaural Beats

Do you meditate? or know anything about brain waves? Here's a quick crash course: the human brain has 4 different kinds of brain waves (beta, alpha, theta, delta). Beta is the kind we are emitting when we are alert, Alpha when we are relaxed, Delta is when we are in a deep sleep, and Theta is the reduced conscious state where we dream. Binaural beats send 2 slightly different sound frequencies to each ear using 2 different headphones, your brain then interprets these 2 sounds as 1, this process allows your brain to fall into a meditative state rather easily. From my personal research it seems that waking up early, daily exercise and meditation seem to be the 3 most popular commonalities between the most successful and influential people in the world. you can download the Binaural beats App in the iTunes store for free here. PS: I tried it, and 30 mins of relaxing and listening to Binaural Beats felt like 3-4 hours of sleep, it works. 

Apps | PDT Cocktails

Please Don't Tell is an award winning New York City speakeasy located in the east village. Having already released one of the best books on how to make perfect cocktails, they now step into the digital realm releasing the only cocktail app you'll ever need. The app includes 400 cocktail recipes, as well as 69 recipes for home made ingredients, and even helps identify ingredients that could be used as substitutes if necessary.  

The PDT Cocktail app is available for $9.99 in the iTunes store

Apps | Manual

Manual is an app that provides a few great features your iphone's default camera has neglected such as shutter speed and ISO. I've been testing it all weekend and could not be more happy with the results,  Manual takes any of those common situations where its either too dark or too bright and lets you dial it in to capture your moment perfectly. you can purchase Manual here for $1.99 in the itunes store.

Apps | Square Cash


 you haven't tried it by now: Square Cash is the easiest money transferring app on the market. I'd go as far as to say 1: that they are going to give paypal trouble, 2: that banks are going to be forced to streamline their mobile experience, and 3: even if they did, I would probably still use Square Cash. The app is as easy to use as it is nicely designed, give it a try.

Check it out here or download it in the itunes store.

Apps | Oyster


So Netflix is the subscription based platform for movies/television, and Spotify is essentially the same concept for music, but what about books? Oyster is the subscription based app to crack the book market, now you can enjoy the book of your choice via subscription without committing to purchasing it.

You can download Oyster in the itunes store or here.  

Apps | Breather


Breather is a new app that allows you to book a private space by the hour. When a hotel lobby or coffee shop is too loud or stressful for your current needs, breather is your affordable solution to the problem. Whether its to meet a client in private, use some wifi, or just relax on a couch and make some phone calls, breather helps you find the right fit. Now available for usage in NYC, check out more at