Home | Soma Pitcher

Soma creates modern water pitchers that have recently been updated to a family size (10 glasses per fill). Consumers can feel good about this purchase as the soma filter is made from sustainable casing made from coconut shell carbon and has a plant based casing. You can pick one up on the Soma website for as little as $39 here

Tech | Droops CoffeeMaker

Droops is a new coffee maker that has re-imagined the future of instant coffee to be more environmentally sound. Supposedly the amount of garbage produced from the instant coffee industry is enough to circle the world 10.5 times in 1 year, and even the CEO of Keurig is not comfortable with this. Droops concept is inspired by hard shelled candy, the coffee is covered in a flavored shell that melts away during the brewing process, thus reducing the waste. No word yet on where and when this product will be available, but keep an eye out for it. 

Home | Organic Modernism

Organic Modernism is a furniture company thats fusing together mid century modern design with rustic American roots.  Featured above is the Houston coffee table, which tastefully combines sculpture into its classic design. Organic Modernism also produce a full line of sculptures if your in the market, as well a minimalist style collection of deer paintings that i'm surprisingly fond of. You can pick up the Houston coffee table for $1,595 here

Home | Stephen Kenn Furniture


Stephen Kenn is an LA based designer who comes from a background of denim and bags and has now moved on to designing some of the coolest furniture on the market today. His aesthetic is mid century meets military creating a rugged yet sophisticated look reminiscent of what RRL did for men's fashion. Pictured above is pieces from the Inheritance collection which can be purchased at StephenKenn.com